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 Would You Like To Experience The Arena?

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Would You Like To Experience The Arena? Empty
PostSubject: Would You Like To Experience The Arena?   Would You Like To Experience The Arena? Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2008 5:57 pm

My buddy Saucy over at the Apocalyptic Knights and I were thinking of putting together a five man arena team made of friends. This group would be only interested in a little variance from the everyday dungeon grind, with the opportunity to occasionally get a shiny new toy every so often.

There would be no spec or gear requirements and while we wont be losing on purpose, I would doubt we would rank very high because of our carefree playstyle. Really the only limiting factor would be the ability to play 10 matches one night a week on a still to be determined date. (Saucy has become a slave to the raid and can rarely emerge from Karazhan. He still needs to solidify his off days with me before I commit.)

If you would be interested in doing something like this with me and some Apocalyptic brethen let me know. I am usually on in the evenings with Brutality or Extrachunky.
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Would You Like To Experience The Arena?
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